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What is the spacebar counter?

Spacebar counter is an online tool that counts how many times you can press the keyboard spacebar button in a given time. The faster you click, the higher is your click rate. Spacebar counter also measures what is your average spacebar hit rate.

How to use the spacebar counter?

Start pressing the spacebar button the faster your can. On the first click the timer, and the click rate counter will start running, and you’ll be able to see how many times you pressed the spacebar keyboard button, how much time passed, and what is your click rate, means, how many spacebar clicks per second.

Who needs the spacebar counter?

The spacebar counter tool is useful for many purposes.


Many computer games are using the spacebar for jumping, running, shooting or doing other repetitive actions that require speed. The faster you click the spacebar button, the more goals and success you achieve.

The spacebar counter is a great tool for practice and develop a faster spacebar clicking capability for games.

Check your keyboard speed

Different keyboards can reach different maximum hit rate. Check and compare the maximum hit rate between keyboards and select the fastest one for your games.

Simple challenge

Need to improve your gaming capabilities, or just to kill some time, use the spacebar counter to compete against yourself and see what is the best spacebar clicking hit rate you can reach.

How does the spacebar counter work?

The spacebar counter is a very simple computer program. Here’s the source code that this website is using for the spacebar counter:

var hits = 0;
var hitElement = document.querySelector('.hits');
document.body.onkeyup = function (e) {
    if (e.keyCode == 32) {

var addHit = function () {

var renderHits = function () {
    hitElement.innerHTML = hits;

var resetHits = function () {
    hits = 0;